Masterson Method
Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork

The Masterson Method was developed by Jim Masterson and has continued to evolve over the past 20 years. It is unique in the arena of equine bodywork through its focus on light-touch techniques and gentle movements, coupled with extensive training in reading horse response and body language, to stay under the horse’s natural instinct to hide pain and weakness. By avoiding this instinctual “bracing response,” the nervous system can be activated to release tension stored within the muscles. Through the horse’s response, Masterson practitioners are guided to areas of pain, restriction or weakness. The practitioner is trained to identify typical vs atypical restrictions. This information can be vital to solving training dilemmas, heading off injuries, or providing input for the owner’s veterinary, farrier and dental team. Certification in the Masterson Method requires more than 400 hours of rigorous instruction, advanced coursework in anatomy & related performance issues, extensive fieldwork case studies and hands-on work directly with Jim Masterson.

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